music: a poem #2

Music. It¬†has the power to¬†unite us save us, help us, give us hope when there seems to be none.   Every song, every lyric touches a soul, in different ways yes, but still touches nonetheless.   A simple word, lyric, verse, the same, but never the same to two¬†people.   Music. Hear it. Feel it. … More music: a poem #2

obsessed: a poem #1

Obsessed. Why are we so obsessed? With everything. From the colour of our hair, to the space between our thighs. We measure our self worth in numbers and double taps. To how we behave. How we act. How we live. They’ve got this, they’ve got that. What have I got? Nothing. Obsessed. Obsessed with being … More obsessed: a poem #1