May 2017: Monthly Wrap Up


Hello my lovely blog reading people!

I really loved doing my April wrap up last month, so I thought I’d do it again this month!

Hope you enjoy!


Okay, so I may or may not have read only one book this month…
But you’ll figure out why when you read my TV, and particularly movie sections, this month.

  1. Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas 5/5 Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas: BOOK REVIEW


This month my TV consisted of (a lot of seasons finishing):

  1. Stranger Things: Put the first episode on to see how it would go, got sucked in and a whole season later, I finished it in about 2-3 days! I loved this show, and cannot wait to see where Season 2 takes it later this year.
  2. Prison Break: So I started this show this month, and am now up to season 4. This is a brilliant show, season 1 definitely being my favourite, followed by 2, and 3 which was pretty ordinary for the first 5 episodes I must say.
  3. Arrow: We finished season 5 of Arrow this month! Can’t believe it’s already had 5 seasons, crazy. I really enjoyed this season, it really went back to the shows roots.
  4. The Flash: Season 3 is now complete! What made this season for me, was the addition of Tom Felton to the cast! (Please make him a season regular for S4?) He is brilliant on this show! This was a great season, although slow at some points, there were sooo many really fantastic episodes!
  5. The 100: Ah, the 100, where one episode can be amazing, and the next not so amazing. There was a serious run of incredible episodes this season, mixed in with some decent ones, but all-in-all it ended in a way that makes me so excited for season 5!
  6. Supernatural: Season 12, I repeat TWELVE is now over! I loved this season, it was a lot better than 11 in my opinion. So many heart warming (and heart breaking) scenes. Loved it!
  7. Riverdale: Season 1 has finished. What a strong season for a brand new show. There is so much potential with Riverdale, I loved it! Cannot wait to see S2.


So I have never watched this many movies in such a short time in my life. I think I watched more this month than I did the entire year last year…

  1. Thor: 3/5 – Finally! I have been wanting to watch Thor for yearrrrs, and have never done it. So glad I got around to it this month, and must watch the sequel now!
  2. The Age of Adeline: 4/5 – Another movie I’ve been wanting to see for ages, I love Blake Lively so much and this movie went above and beyond my expectations. I loved it!
  3. The Shallows: (rewatch, 4.5) – Will never get tired of watching this, so suspenseful, thrilling, and just as scary every time.
  4. Deadpool: 2.5/5 – Didn’t think I’d ever get around to this one, although very weird it was funny and entertaining, I’ll give it that.
  5. Moonlight: 2.5/5 – This was something I never thought I would watch because it’s just not something I would usually gravitate towards, I’m glad I did but I still don’t think I’m cool enough to watch Oscar movies.
  6. Hacksaw Ridge: (rewatch, still 5) – One of my favourite movies of all time, I love it so much, and Andrew Garfield’s performance is perfection!
  7. The Revenant: 3/5 – Very, very strange movie but worth the watch for Leonardo being frozen in the snow the whole time, and for that crazy bear attack scene!
  8. The Notebook: 4.5/5 – I can finally say I have now watched what everyone else in the world has watched, and I loved it more than I thought I would! I think this is honestly Ryan Gosling’s best performance of his career (at least the movies I’ve seen), I find him to be not as great now oops.
  9. Alien Covenant: 3/5 – My dad dragged me to this movie, but I did actually enjoy it! The fact that a lot of it was set in a forest with rain (two of my fav things) really helped.
  10. Get Out: 4.5/5 – I was so surprised that I even had the guts to see this movie, and boy was it great! Such a fantastic, creepy, gripping, did I say creepy? film! Loved it!


I feel like I’ve written a lot already, so I think I’ll just list what I’ve been listening to this month. Short and sweet is great sometimes, right? (All of these came out in April)

  1. Malibu by Miley Cyrus
  2. Bad Liar by Selena Gomez
  3. I Have Questions and Crying in the Club by Camila Cabello
  4. Eyes Closed, Now or Never and Strangers by Halsey
  5. Madness album by Sleeping With Sirens
  6. Every Twenty One Pilots album (still, because I’m not sure I’ll ever not listen to them everyday ever again)


  1. I bought a BluRay player this month and have been completely obsessed with it! Oh the quality, oh the sound. If you can’t tell that I may be a tech nerd, I am.
  2. Online shopping! I ordered way too many clothes this month because there were way too many 50% off sales that sucked me in…
  3. I got a TATTOO! Yes, my first tattoo. I love it so much, and I’m beyond words happy that I got it. It means so much to me. Also, it hurt maybe a 3/10 on the pain scale, which was so pleasantly surprising!

May has been a month of “realising things” as Kylie Jenner would say, but it’s true.
I cannot wait to see where June takes me, hopefully it’s in a great direction.

I hope you all had a great May, and have a fabulous June!

XOXO, Kate


2 thoughts on “May 2017: Monthly Wrap Up

  1. I really like these monthly wrap ups with books, movies, tv shows and music! I enjoy the lists and reading them.


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