obsessed: a poem #1


Why are we so obsessed?

With everything.

From the colour of our hair, to the space between our thighs.

We measure our self worth in numbers and double taps.

To how we behave. How we act. How we live.

They’ve got this, they’ve got that.

What have I got?

Nothing. Obsessed.

Obsessed with being like someone else, someone we don’t even know.

Someone we will never know.

Because Perfection…

Doesn’t exist.


Hey guys! So this is a new endeavour I am going on with this blog. My cousins, and sister have been trying out (and loving) poetry, and I have always been interested, but never thought of writing it myself.

So here is my first piece. Yes, I have zero idea if I have done this even remotely as to what you call “poetry”, but I tried :’) I hope someone finds this halfway decent, because I enjoyed writing it and would love to write more.

Please let me know your thoughts!

Disclaimer: My poems will be about all sorts of issues and topics, ones I may have gone through, others that are just relatable, and some that have never/I hope never happen in my life.
Also, some things may seem as though they dont make sense, but if you read it (aka. a line or word) again, I’m sure you’ll see my intended deeper meaning.

XO Kate.


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