Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon: REVIEW



Book: Everything, Everything

Author: Nicola Yoon

Pages: 320

Read: December 19th, 2015

Rating: 3/5 Stars


Madeline Whittier is allergic to the outside world. So allergic, in fact, that she has never left the house in all of her seventeen years. But when Olly moves in next door, and wants to talk to Maddie, tiny holes start to appear in the protective bubble her mother has built around her. Olly writes his IM address on a piece of paper, shows it at her window, and suddenly, a door opens. But does Maddie dare to step outside her comfort zone?


Plot: 3/5

Characters: 2/5

Writing: 4.5/5

The concept of this book is so unique, and to me, that and the beautiful writing were the best parts of the novel.

The idea that the main character, Maddy, is allergic to everything and literally cannot do anything without caution or really go anywhere at all was so intriguing. Also Yoon definitely has such a stunning way with words, and the concepts/metaphors throughout the book were just so insightful and lovely.

However, I did feel like this book was kind-of rushed and everything was just happening too quickly, that aspect made it feel as if it wasn’t flowing as well as it possibly could have, I think the book being a little longer would’ve been beneficial.

The characters had some kind of depth to them, especially Olly, but I feel like they weren’t really explored enough to really solidify that depth and make me fall in-love with them, or even be able to relate.

To me, the plot felt a little lacking, like nothing much really happened even though they did go places, but the progression wasn’t vastly there. The ‘plot twist’ towards the end didn’t really surprise me because I had a feeling that what happened would in-fact be the case.

Overall though, I did enjoy the book and couldn’t put it down because it was such a quick and easy read. I loved the short chapters and little inserts/pictures, that was such a great idea and just added to the unique quality of the story! It was a great debut novel, and Yoon definitely deserves credit for this book being her first, and already having such great qualities! I predict a bright future in the author world for her!

This book gave me a bit of a ‘We Were Liars’ by E. Lockhart vibe, as-well as a sprinkle of John Green in there. So if you like either of those, you’d probably enjoy this one!

Yeah that’s it,

Kate 🙂


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